Texting is the preferred way for people to communicate with your business!

Enhance Communications

Create Reusable Templates

Templates allow you to quickly send messages built from preset templates to save time on repetitive tasks.

Schedule Messages

Our scheduler allows you to shcedule mssages for sending at a specified date and time making it easy for you to notify your customers of news, announcement and promotions etc.

Automatic Replies & Triggers

Our auto-reply option allows you to automatically send responses or full features chatbots based on incoming keywords. And triggers allow you to send automated replies or chatbots based on user actions.


Try A Live Demo

No need to wait. Try a live demo of TextWorkz by texting any of the following keywords to

(587) 355 TEXT



Improve Communications

Customer Support

Resolve customer issues faster and increase productivity by reducing call volumes

Alerts & Reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders and send alerts so people don't forget about their appointment

Billing & Collections

Remind customers of upcoming payments, and receive payments using text-to-pay

Marketing & Promotions 

Improve engagement and increase sales through text marketing. Run contests, allow people to register for events, broadcast messages to your customers


Promote your business with SMS and don't leave money on the table. Integrate SMS into your CRM by using our API to help nurture leads. 

Internal Communications

Reach your employees by sending announcements or emergency communications. Send to individuales or groups

Stay Top Of Mind

Customer communication does not end after a purchase. Follow up with product information, specials and promotions. Stay top-of-mind!

2 Way SMS Chat and Apps

Customer communication does not end after a purchase. Follow up with product information, specials and promotions. Most customers prefer you communication with them over SMS and your company will stay top-of-mind.


TextWorkz SMS Scenarios




Roadhouse Steak has a run on Salmon this week. Come in after 6 PM and get $2 off any Atlantic Salmon entree.

Retail Stores

Thanks for joining our list! Come in today, and receive 10% off any purchase in the store. Show this text and also get a coupon for your next visit.


Reminder to all parents of Crossway Elementary School. Next week is hot dog day. Please make sure your child's selections are in this week. Text HOTDOG to make your selections now.

Medical Professionals

Hello Josie. Your doctor appointment with Dr. Smith is tomorrow at 2 pm. We look forward to seeing you! Please reply 1 to confirm, 2 to cancel.


This Friday is Hawaiian day. We look forward to seeing in their best Hawaiin look. Prizes will be given out during lunch for the ugliest shirt. 


Recieve donation using text to give, and communicate directly with your members.

Real Estate

For more info on this property text the number of the house to 123-456-7890 to receive detailed listing information.

Sports Teams

This Wednesday's practice has been cancelled. See you next week!

Other Service Industries

Hi David. How satisfied were you with the service you received today? Please respond with a number:

2=Not very
1=Not at all

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