"Keep potential donors and supporters in the know with our custom chat marketing platform."

If you're head of marketing or fundraising at a local, regional, or national non-profit organization, you know how important campaign support is. If you aren't regularly drumming up awareness and spreading campaign messages, you'll fall behind. Once that occurs, you'll have a hard time meeting your annual fundraising goals. Long story short, a mass texting service can help keep your non-profit communication on track. Fire out event reminders, donation requests, monthly milestones, and more.

Text Services for Nonprofits are an effective and affordable way to connect with donors and supporters through short, fast and easy personal messages. Text services provide a way for non-profits to increase donor participation and build more responsive bases of support. These services provide options that enable clients to personalize their messages and instantly send a customized message to their intended recipients in a matter of seconds. These services also provide for customizing text messages

"Studies indicate that 98% of text messages are read by recipients. Additionally, 90% of those text messages are opened within three minutes of receipt. Compare that to a 21% open rate for email"


Text-to-Give Campaigns

These text-to-give campaigns are designed to capture quick donations. Most nonprofit organizations use text-to-give campaigns during special seasons of giving or annual fundraising drives. The savviest nonprofit executives and administrators know that text message marketing is the easiest way to reach supporters and community members. As a best practice, be sure to include a distinct call-to-action in all text-to-give campaigns.


Welcome Messages


Make donors feel heard and valued is to send a quick welcome message. In this instance, be sure to give donors access to a members-only web portal. A distinct welcome message and members portal offer some special exclusivity. Use this exclusivity to your advantage by offering additional value such as merchandise discounts, members-only newsletters, and more.


Event Reminders


Sending an event reminder is a quick and easy way to notify supporters about an upcoming event. Let’s face it — supporters miss important event happenings all the time. With text message marketing, there’s no easier way to keep contacts in-the-know about important fundraising campaigns, volunteer opportunities, and more.


Member Support Messages


A great member support strategy delivers maximum value to your followers and supporters. In many instances, member support messages can be automated. For example, if a supporter has a question or concern regarding donations, nonprofit organizations can build a series of support messages based on ultra-specific keywords. Automated member support text messages help to reduce the cost of one-to-one member support. Additionally, these automated messages ensure that supporters’ questions and concerns are answered quickly and efficiently.


Thank You Messages


Sending a simple thank you message helps to make your text recipients feel heard and valued. Try sending automated thank you messages after receiving a donation. Additionally, send thank you messages to volunteers for their hard work.


Last Minute Updates


Try sending last minute updates via text message. Text marketing recipients enjoy the speed and ease-of-access that only text message marketing can provide. As such, text messaging is an ideal communications channel for day-of reminders, last-minute volunteer opportunities, final calls for donation etc.


Issue Advocacy Messages


Getting the word out about important issues is critical when it comes to mission advocacy and support. Oftentimes, printed newsletters and emails fall on deaf ears. With text message marketing, it’s easy to send important information about important issues


MMS Messages


Recent studies indicate that text marketing contacts are more likely to engage when the text includes a powerful image or graphic. MMS messaging makes it simple and easy to insert an image. For example, if your nonprofit organization recently completed a service project, consider snapping a few pictures of the finished product. A quick before and after image is a great way to keep text marketing contacts engaged and interested.




Finding new donors is a constant struggle for any growth-oriented nonprofit. With text message marketing, you can send quick calls-for-donation. Text message marketing is less obtrusive than getting on the phone and making a call.




Text-to-Give Campaigns:


We need your help. During this special time of giving, your donation will support our mission. To donate, please visit: www...


Event Reminders:


Reminder: This weekend, we’re hosting a special hands-on workshop. Join us on [DATE/TIME]. For additional information, please visit: www...


Thank You Messages:


Thanks for your recent donation. To learn how your donation impacts the success of our organization, please visit: www...



Group Coordination Messages:


Reminder: Your volunteer shift begins on [DATE/TIME]. For additional information, please visit: www...


Emergency Alerts:


Alert: We are actively responding to an emergency at [LOCATION]. To stay up-to-date on the latest developments, please visit: www...


Welcome Messages:


Welcome! We’re so glad you’ve joined our organization. To stay up-to-date on the latest news and information, we invite you to visit us online at www....


Interactive Demonstrations:


Thank you for your recent donation! To see how your donation supports our mission, don’t miss this interactive virtual reality presentation: www...


Member Support Messages:


We noticed you had a question about [QUESTION]. How can we assist you today? If you would like to speak to a member of our customer support team, please reply: SUPPORT.


Member Recruitment


Are you interested in joining our member’s portal? You’ll find all the latest updates, news, and information. To join, please visit: www...


MMS Messages


Here’s a picture of our friendly volunteers at work! Are you interested in joining our network of dedicated volunteers? To sign up, visit: www...


Last Minute Updates


With only one more day left during our special fundraising campaign, now is the chance to get involved! To donate, please visit: www...