The TextWorkz Wait In Queue is our management and SMS paging system that allows businesses (restaurants. medical offices, veterinary clinics etc.) to handle customer queues with ease. Our system monitors data related to queues in real time. Customers can join your queue or book an appointment with a simple text message. 

Know Your Wait Time

At any time you can check your status knowing exactly where you are in the queue and your average wait time before being served

Join The Queue

Users can join the queue with a simple text message, and be auto-notified when their position changes

Update Your Status

Users have the option to indicate when their running late to save their spot in line

Join The Queue

You can setup any keyword you like for users to join the queue. The user has the option to join the queue, or schedule an appointment.

Queus Status

Once the user joins the queue, they have a menu they can use to check their status, indicate they are running late, or exit the queue.

Schedule An Appointment

Instead of entering the wait queue, customers can book an appointment with you.

Booking Calendar

Your customers can also access your online calendar for booking appointments by providing them with your calendar URL on their desktop browser.

If they choose to schedule an appointment using the SMS app, it uses the same calender availability dates and times to schedule their appointment.